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Fresh & Dried Fruits Supplier

Our prime organic fresh and dried products come from our own sourcing project in iran which helps to ensure quality of the product

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High Qualified And Homemade Food Stuffs

high qualified and homemade wide range of premium organic dried fruits and also other foodstuff from iranian gardens and farmlands

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Wholesale Distribution of Food Products

Wholesale distribution and export of fruits, vegetables, dates, saffron, nuts and honey to the Asia, Europe, Canada and Australia

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Avidan Food Trading Company

Avidan Food Trading Company is one of the reputable food trading company in Iran. It offers high quality products including ...
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Mission and Vision

In order to improve the quality of international interactions and keeping Iran’s name on the forefront of the international trade industry, we have begun our work with young, creative and experienced team. With more than 2 decade of experience in international manufacturing and trading with the Avidan brand, the company is now at the height of global prestige.

Domestic and international commercial experts, working with foreign partners in China, Turkey, UAE, Russia and the United Kingdom, are trying to provide specialized goods at the lowest cost in the country of origin and with qualitative and quantitative inspection of products, shipping and clearance procedures, Customs clearance of goods and on Time delivery of goods to the destination country.

This company offers specialized services with up-to-date knowledge of the laws and regulations and customs requirements and standards of the countries of origin and destination as consultants in customs clearance and clearance for natural and legal persons.

With Avidan, you can have a profitable and secure business even in this particular time of the International economy.

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