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Avidan Food Trading Company

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Avidan Food Trading Company is one of the reputable food trading company in Iran. It offers high quality products including fruit, chips, nuts, honey, dates, saffron, packing and international market.

The distinctive element in compare with others is production and packaging of the products in this company is the high quality of the products and the competitive price, which makes the company different from other food companies. Most of its products are exported to European and Asian countries such as England, as well as Asian countries such as Azerbaijan and Russia.


Distribution of organic agricultural products


The growing popularity of healthy, natural, and organic products around the world has provided an opportunity for producers of these products and exporters of agricultural products as well as food distribution companies.

In recent years, as people have become more aware of a healthy diet, there has been a growing demand for fresh snacks, in particular natural and organic fruits and vegetables have attracted a significant number of consumers for better taste and health.

Avidan Trading Company, the exported fruits are washed and Pesticides, if necessary after being picked from the orchards and then sorted and packaged.


 Avidan Food Trading Company


Avidan is one of the largest food trading companies in Iran, with a highly specialized and experienced group of organic products, with the highest quality in line with international standards and competitive prices in the export of fruit, nuts and saffron to the global markets. Is working.

The company delivers the best possible quality products to its customers in the target markets by utilizing the latest packing and shipping equipment and the fleet. Avidan Food Distribution Company, fully aware of the needs of its customers, has created the perfect structure for the production and distribution of its products.

Avidan Agricultural Products Trading Company is also targeting markets by harvesting dates from the best palm trees in the south of the country and providing world-class health standards and quality packaging.

The highest quality honey with very low sucrose content is produced and produced in highly specialized and hygienic ways. This quality product is used both domestically and exported to international markets.

Avidan Food Trading Company is one of the most experienced Food Distribution Company in Europe that offers a wide range of fruits, fruit chips, nuts, dates, saffron and other products using the latest packaging technologies that keep fresh The high quality and quality of the product to the destination and end-consumer use of the real flavor of the fruit has been produced and produced and at a very reasonable price.

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