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Dried fruit or fresh fruit?

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dried fruit or fresh fruit

Fruits are among the nutrients that have many health benefits. Do you usually prefer fresh fruit or dried fruit?

Absolutely both of them are delicious and have their own special benefits and properties but unfortunately, the tendency to eat dried fruit has been less pronounced. Dried fruits are very tasty and can be stored for a long time. Among the dried fruits produced by Avidan Food Trading Company, we can mention dried kiwi, homemade dried apple chips, dried banana chips and more as some of basic dried fruits easily available.

You must be one of those who are passionate about chips. Fruit chips are very popular nowadays and also have the features of a fresh fruit. Of course, fresh fruit cannot be easily passed. But be sure to eat fruit chips and dried fruit. Dried fruit, which is also very nutritious and high in vitamins, can be used to feed your child at school or in the evenings or even with tea. Dried fruit can also be used at the recopies.

Due to the many features of fresh and dried fruits, the use of these ingredients should not be excluded from the family nutrition basket.

Benefits of dried fruit and fresh fruit:

But let’s get a little more familiar with the health benefits of dried and fresh fruit. One of the dried fruits is apples. Fresh apples are rich in vitamins. But that doesn’t mean that dried apples don’t have these properties. A good feature of dried apples is its low calorie content. So people who want to eat apples and do not want to become obese can use this dried fruit. Fresh bananas are high in potassium and have a lot of fiber. Therefore, it is recommended to use this nutrient for people who suffer from intestinal deficiency. Another carbohydrate is a substance found in dried fruits. It is also abundant in dried bananas. If you want to have energetic and fun kids, we suggest using fresh or dried bananas as your baby’s evening out. Since dried fruits look attractive, children are more welcomed. Even adults tend to eat dried fruits as snacks. But in some cases, your baby may refuse to eat fresh apples or other fresh fruits. In this case you can use the fruit chips which is very tasty and the kids love it. Either way, dried or fresh fruit is highly recommended. Fruits are rich in vitamins and other minerals and are always recommended.

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