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Export of fresh fruits and vegetables

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Iran is a four Season Country and despite the diversity of climate and fertile soil, it is possible to plant many types of fruits and vegetables in any corner. Exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables companies took that opportunity and utilizing Iran capabilities in order to send organic, high qualified and fresh fruits and vegetables to all over the world.

It would be so hard to find and buy high qualified, natural and premium sorted fresh fruits or vegetables in compare with nowadays technology available in greenhouse products, which we all know they cannot be 100% organic with the natural taste, Therefore high qualify product is as the most points that exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables should note that and represents their best and most qualified products.In order to consider this point ,Avidan General Trading Company every details like being natural especially in fresh fruits and vegetables is our priority which is reviewing by trained and experienced experts to keep the quality of exporting in high level as like as it has been.


Exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables


Since Iran is a high rank country in manufacturing  good quality fruits, as well as being one of the top 10 producing countries in the world, our first clients are neighboring countries such as Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia.Due to Avidan General Trading Company is one of the greatest exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables with using high quality handpicked and organic foodstuff, is well-known Iranian exporter in whole Europe, Middle East, Russia and CIS Countries.

Russia is one of the countries with the largest purchases of fruit from Iran and many exporters are contracted with that.

Following publishing a ban rule in Importing fruits and vegetables from EU and USA by Russian government ,automatically a  great opportunity for Iranian natural fresh fruit exporting companies comes first to make a large number of International commercial contracts with Russian companies.

Most of the fruits exporting from Iran is including tangerines, Watermelon, pomegranates, oranges, Banana, Mango, Peach, Nectarine, apples, figs ,date…and for vegetables, potatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, iceberg, carrot,…etc.

Some of Iranian natural fruits are reputed in the world as like as their city for that particular type of fruit; for example pomegranate is known with the city which is Saveh, it is the same for apple in Damavand or Mazafati date in Kerman.

Exporting of Dried fruits


As per as mentioned before, due to being hard to find something natural and organic in this century, dried fruits becoming popular recently considering easy mobile , no more concern about dirty hands and their  low weight, it would be a nice option to export.

Dried fruits also are a high nutrition facts and are perfect as snack or side of your meal, especially for the kids at school.

Avidan General Trading Company is honored to inform that with a very professional team of women in order to making a high qualified and homemade dabble sorted or in another word best types of dried fruits could earn Number One Grade from the Chamber of Commerce.

You can visit our products section to order and view our products lines.

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