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Exporting of Dry Nut

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Export expansion is one of the main economic projects in developing countries, especially those whose economies are single-product and actually rely on oil. Iran is a country that, in addition to having oil resources, also exports Iranian dried Nuts such as pistachios, many types of date fruits as like as Mazafati dates, Maryami dates and Kabkab dates, Zahedi date, dried Figs, Iranian Saffron, Sultana raisins, almonds, Cashew, walnut, peanut, Hazelnut, Generally dry nuts ,barberry ,etc.


Iranian dried fruit exporting advantages:


Due to the existence of a variety of climates and suitable soil for the production and cultivation of various plants and trees exporting of dried fruits and dry nuts in this region, has many advantages, the main reason is the taste of dried fruit , dry nusts and fresh fruits of Iran which has always been famous in this regard, so it can said that some of the vitamins and minerals in dried fruits and Iranian fruits are more than many similar samples produced by other countries.


On the other hand, the export of Iranian dried fruits and dry nuts will significantly contribute to the growth of industry and ultimately to the growth of the country’s economy by increasing the level of employment for young job seekers in this country. Usually, the best exporters of Iranian dry nuts, such as Avidan Trading Company, play a major role in giving these benefits to the country.



Terms of export of Iranian dried fruits and dry nuts:

Avidan has always been successful in this field of production and export of dry nuts and dried fruit This success is due to the company’s quality products and trusts of clients. In addition to the sorting and packaging of dried fruits and dried vegetables and dry nuts for export is often done by automatic laser devices and equipment and skilled workers in this field, as well as in a completely hygienic environment.

In fact, the basis of dried nuts and fried fruits exports in Iran is focused on productions such as Akbari pistachios, Fandoghi pistachios, less sculpture raisins, Sultana raisins, Mazafati date Fruits, and more recently on Figs; less than other products are found in the export statistics of nuts and dried fruits.


Dried fruit and dry nuts importers of Avidan Company:


European Union is the world’s largest market for dried fruits and dry nuts, which shows more than 40% of the world’s total dried fruit and dry exports. These countries include the United Kingdom and France. This rate of continuous imports is also on the rise. Based on our vision we are expected to see the same trend in the coming years.
In addition to Europe, Avidan Fresh & Dry nuts are exported to most parts of the world, such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Oman, Qatar, Russia, China, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Australia.


Avidan Food Trading Company, as a well-known exporter of Fresh nuts, dry nuts and fresh fruits,
has made its name famous among other activists in this field by exporting its excellent quality
products to these countries.

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