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Exported Apple

Apple tree is one of the agricultural products of Iran suitable for export to neighboring countries and other countries. Iran’s exported apples have different varieties, including white, red and green apples. Each of these apples is hand-picked based on the needs and requests of a high quality foreign buyer and transported to the warehouse for packaging and sorting.


Avidan Exported Apple Specifications

Type : Exported Apple

Packaging : Customised packing based on your order

The goal of commercial growers is to produce apples that are 7 to 8.3 cm in diameter, according to market preferences. Some buyers, especially Japanese, prefer large apples, while apples less than 5.7 cm in diameter are of little value in the market and are commonly used for fruit juice.
The apple fruit should have a smooth, light and translucent skin and should be firm and blotchy. Keep in mind that an apple that is heavier than its size will have a higher quality. Apple fragrance is also one of the important parameters in determining the quality of apples that of course requires a variety of varieties.