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Hazelnut is one of the most well-known nuts in the world. The export hazelnut has different varieties that is different slightly in planting, size and taste. Hazelnut is one of the nutrients that contains about 2% oil. It is used for nutrition, perfume and painting.
Hazelnut also contains a lot of phosphorus. This grain is high in iron and can be used to treat anemia caused by iron deficiency and proper infant growth is essential.


Avidan Exported Hazelnuts Specifications

Type : Exported Hazelnut

Packaging : Customised packing based on your order

Our country is one of the largest hazelnut growers and with more than 6,000 nuts produced annually has become one of the countries exporting nuts. Hazelnuts are exported raw or roasted to other countries of the world. Hazelnut fruit is rich in minerals, healthy and natural fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals.
Export hazelnut is sold with skin and without skin. The most popular types of hazelnut export is in the brain without skin which is more expensive than the exported hazelnut.