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We enjoy a variety of flora in different regions of Iran. Each province presents us with its specific combination of flora. Technically speaking, the more wide-ranging the flora in a region, the more nutritious the honey and the more its healing effects. Therefore, the honey produced in our country has this very unique quality. Iranian honey has its fans both inside the country and abroad,” he said.

Iranian Honey

Avidan Export Honey Specifications

Type : Waxy Honey, Royal Honey Gel, Honey Nectar, Bee Pollen

Packaging : Customized packing based on your order

Based on the latest census, there are more than 7.45 million honeybee colonies in Iran. The country ranks fourth in the number of honeybee colonies worldwide, but eighth in honey production. This is because our average honey production per hive is relatively low. The Ministry of Agriculture plans to increase this figure to satisfactory levels.

about 550 spices of plants are distinguished as nectar plants which are suitable for bees to collect initial matters to produce honey, Iran has two kinds of honey, the first one is honey that produced during spring and the second is summer honey. Natural Iranian honey refers to low sucrose honey, that means during process of honey making, beekeepers shall not feed hives by regular sugar.

Avidan Company as one of the largest exporter of honey and its derivatives, using the latest technology, after harvesting honey by employing skilled workers, and utilizing agricultural specialists in accordance with international requirements, honey packaging And purchases to global markets useful.

Iranian Honey
عسل گون لرستان ۲ کیلویی درجه یک