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First origin of kiwi was in south China. In 1906 for the first time, seeds were exported from China to New Zealand, then in 1950 became the best commercial and suitable for export fruit for ten years.


Avidan Export Kiwi Fruit Specifications

Type : Hayward

Size: 70 to 110 gr

Packaging : Customised packing based on your order

Iran is the fourth largest kiwi producer in the world with a rich source of vitamin C. And it’s a fruit that has high nutrients and a very low calorie content. So it can be very Iran’s export kiwi is also known as kiwi Hayward.

Avidan Company as one of the largest exporter of fruits and vegetables, using the latest technology, after harvesting kiwifruit by employing skilled workers, and utilizing agricultural specialists in accordance with international requirements, kiwi sorting and packaging And exports to global markets useful.