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Iran is the third largest exporter of raisin in the world by exporting more than 150,000 MT (27% global Consumption) of raisins worth. There are different varieties of Iranian Raisins. The advantage of Iranian Raisins is principally its price, minerads and different methods of price, mine rals and processing, and that’s the reason why Iranian Raisins minerals are amongst the finest raisins in the world.

The best type of raisin exported product is obtained by drying ripe grapes grows in land (under the sun or in the shade) and without adding any chemicals or sulfur. Of course, it is not easy to prepare raisins in the traditional way, and proper air conditioning plays a very important role in the process.

The best type of raisin exported from grapes is 80% ripe, and its color should be as uniform as possible. Although the degree of uniformity is related to the type of raisin and its preparation area, as well as the process of preparing raisins. Other quality parameters of raisins, which are usually related to the process of cleaning raisins, include the number of raisins, unripe raisins, small raisins, crushed raisins, and sugared raisins, all of which must be less than the standard defined number. The smaller the numbers, the more accurate and better the raisin cleaning process.



Avidan Export Raisins Specifications

Type :

  • Golden Raisins (Angori)
  • Sultana Raisins (light / dark)
  • Malayer Raisins
  • Golden Kashmary Raisins
  • Green Raisins
  • Sun-Dried Raisins

Packaging : Customised packing based on your order

We have the ability to supply all kind of Iranian raisins based on client’s inquiry. September is the time when grapes are reaped and it is the time to purchase new crops from growers. In addition, processing and sorting raisins are dependent on customers request and specifications. Process includes washing, cleaning, sorting, controlling and at the end packing.

Resins type:

Tizabi raisins:
Tizabi raisins have two types, granular and seedless, in a variety of colors light yellow to brownish yellow. Alkaline permitted additives are used in the drying process of acid raisins.

Sultana raisins:
This type of raisin is obtained from a type of grape with small grains and is usually bought and sold for use in rice.

Solar raisins as export raisins:
This type of raisin is obtained by drying the ripe fruit of various seedless grapes in direct sunlight. The exported raisins are brown.

Golden raisins:
Sulfur smoke is used to dry this type of exported raisin, and golden raisins are sold in amber yellow and light brown.

Green Raisins:
The grapes are grainy, tall, elongated and green, and are dried with sulfur.

Zante currant:
Zante currant are obtained from royal grapes and are smaller and darker in color than normal raisins.

We have the ability to supply raisins, which have been prepared and sorted by modern scan laser machinery. Iranian raisins are classified into 3 main grades according to the quantity of berries in 100 g, which are Large which includes more than 300 berries in 100 g, Medium contains 350 berries and Small consists of more than 360 berries in 100 gram. There are mainly 5 types of raisins that export from Iran which are Golden Angori, Golden Kashmari, and sultana, Malayer and sun-dried.